Top Things to Do in London

Buckingham Palace pic
Buckingham Palace

A MBA graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Thomas “Tom” Spetter currently works in the pharmaceutical industry as a Key Account Manager. Outside of his professional pursuits, Thomas Spetter enjoys traveling and has visited cities such as London.

As the home of the British royal family and a number of iconic landmarks, London draws millions of visitors each year. If you are looking to take a vacation to London, you should consider the following attractions:

Buckingham Palace. One of the most famous buildings in London, Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and continues to serve as the residence of the royal family. You can tour the Royal Mews, State Rooms, and Queen’s Gallery when the Queen is living in her summer palace, but you can still take part in activities on the grounds throughout the rest of the year. Arrive at the palace by 11:30 am, and you can experience the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony.

The Tate Galleries. When in London, you can visit the Tate Gallery, which is comprised of two museums that border the Thames. Tate Britain opened in 1897 and houses important works of British art. More recently, workers converted a power station into what is now known as the Tate Modern. In addition to viewing world-famous artwork, you can dine in the contemporary museum’s numerous restaurants and enjoy views of the city.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. An authentic reconstruction of the original 16th century theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre features an iconic open-air stage and timber-framed walls. During your visit, you can visit the temporary and permanent Globe exhibitions or take a guided tour of the facility. In addition, you can purchase tickets to a number of featured plays, which cultivate an authentic Shakespearean experience by omitting the use of stage technology.