When to Visit Hawaii

When to Visit Hawaii pic
When to Visit Hawaii
Image: travel.usnews.com

Thomas “Tom” Spetter is a Key Account Manager with Turing Pharmaceuticals, and has responsibility for Infectious Disease – Orphan Drug product lines. In his free time, Thomas Spetter enjoys traveling, and has visited most of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii is one of the premier getaway travel destinations, but can also be expensive and crowded with tourists, especially during the summer. That’s when the islands enjoy their best weather. Families looking to book a trip during the summer should try to visit between mid-June and mid-July, when summer school is usually in session. It’s also best to visit top attractions during the weekdays.

Hawaii actually affords great weather year-round, so there’s no reason to wait until the summer. Individuals wanting to take a break from winter should plan a visit to Hawaii between November and March. This is the state’s rainy season, but the rains usually last a few hours at most before the sun returns. Those looking for a bargain should explore traveling during September, October, and November.


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