The Accidental Roots of Slalom Ski Competion

Slalom Ski  pic
Slalom Ski

A graduate of the University of Washington, Thomas Spetter has extensive experience as an account manager in the pharmaceutical sector. A skiing enthusiast, Thomas Spetter participated in slalom racing events in high school. One of the most challenging types of downhill ski events, the slalom was an accidental creation in the mid-1930s.

Poor weather in the Mottarone ski area in Italy’s Piedmont region in early 1935 meant that there was not enough snow to hold a regularly scheduled downhill event. The Italian Ski Federation commissioner Gianni Albertini made an executive decision to set up a new course marked with gates. This directed skiers through a narrow path along a 300-meter vertical drop with sufficient snow. The course was so short that the event was split into two identical runs.

The slalom event was an unexpected success, and a regular giant slalom race was introduced into the schedule the next month. In 1950, the first World Alpine Ski Championships featuring a giant slalom was held, and today the event is a well-established highlight of the Winter Olympics.


When to Visit Hawaii

When to Visit Hawaii pic
When to Visit Hawaii

Thomas “Tom” Spetter is a Key Account Manager with Turing Pharmaceuticals, and has responsibility for Infectious Disease – Orphan Drug product lines. In his free time, Thomas Spetter enjoys traveling, and has visited most of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii is one of the premier getaway travel destinations, but can also be expensive and crowded with tourists, especially during the summer. That’s when the islands enjoy their best weather. Families looking to book a trip during the summer should try to visit between mid-June and mid-July, when summer school is usually in session. It’s also best to visit top attractions during the weekdays.

Hawaii actually affords great weather year-round, so there’s no reason to wait until the summer. Individuals wanting to take a break from winter should plan a visit to Hawaii between November and March. This is the state’s rainy season, but the rains usually last a few hours at most before the sun returns. Those looking for a bargain should explore traveling during September, October, and November.

Top Things to Do in London

Buckingham Palace pic
Buckingham Palace

A MBA graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Thomas “Tom” Spetter currently works in the pharmaceutical industry as a Key Account Manager. Outside of his professional pursuits, Thomas Spetter enjoys traveling and has visited cities such as London.

As the home of the British royal family and a number of iconic landmarks, London draws millions of visitors each year. If you are looking to take a vacation to London, you should consider the following attractions:

Buckingham Palace. One of the most famous buildings in London, Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and continues to serve as the residence of the royal family. You can tour the Royal Mews, State Rooms, and Queen’s Gallery when the Queen is living in her summer palace, but you can still take part in activities on the grounds throughout the rest of the year. Arrive at the palace by 11:30 am, and you can experience the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony.

The Tate Galleries. When in London, you can visit the Tate Gallery, which is comprised of two museums that border the Thames. Tate Britain opened in 1897 and houses important works of British art. More recently, workers converted a power station into what is now known as the Tate Modern. In addition to viewing world-famous artwork, you can dine in the contemporary museum’s numerous restaurants and enjoy views of the city.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. An authentic reconstruction of the original 16th century theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre features an iconic open-air stage and timber-framed walls. During your visit, you can visit the temporary and permanent Globe exhibitions or take a guided tour of the facility. In addition, you can purchase tickets to a number of featured plays, which cultivate an authentic Shakespearean experience by omitting the use of stage technology.

San Diego Race for the Cure 5K Event

A successful sales professional with an interest in helping good causes, Thomas (Tom) Spetter has participated in the San Diego Race for a Cure 5K on five separate occasions. Thomas Spetter competed in the race each year from 2000 to 2002 and in 2005 and 2008. By doing so, he has helped raise money to assist Susan G. Komen San Diego in its fight against metastatic breast cancer.

The San Diego Race for the Cure Event is held annually in Balboa Park. The most recent race occurred on November 1, 2015. Traditionally, the race starts early in the morning with a Survivors Ceremony that pays tribute to the many women who have fought and defeated breast cancer. The race itself is a competitive event, but those who wish to simply walk the 3.1 miles among the palm trees of the park are encouraged to do so. Later in the morning, there is a closing ceremony in which awards are presented.

While the Race for a Cure is a charity event, it is also a fun one, and participants are eligible to win prizes, such as free airline and concert tickets, inclusive staycation packages, free massages, and more.

To get learn more about Susan G Komen San Diego, visit

Unique Activities to Enjoy in Hawaii

A sales professional specializing in health care products, Thomas (Tom) Spetter joined Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2006, following a 12-year tenure at Abbott Laboratories. Promoting the company’s virology and neuroscience product lines, Thomas Spetter has won numerous national awards, including multiple award trips to both the Bahamas and Hawaii.

From hiking to surfing, Hawaii offers many unique activities to enjoy. Visitors can relax on the island of Maui and see humpback whales perform acrobatic moves above the water’s surface. More than 10,000 humpback whales inhabit local waters during the winter. Vacationers can catch the best views between January and March around Maui Nui.

Iolani Palace, another Hawaiian experience, remains standing in Oahu. A reminder of the former Hawaiian monarchy, the palace was built in 1882 for King Kalakaua. It features luxurious American Florentine style and was among the first establishments to incorporate such inventions as the telephone and electric lights. Visitors can view the throne room where diplomats and writers were entertained, observe the room that harbored Queen Liliuokalani, and walk through basement galleries filled with royal jewels and historic photographs.

An Overview of the Honolulu Marathon

Thomas Spetter has worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb since 2006 and currently serves as a key account manager for the company’s market access division. A recreational runner, Thomas Spetter has taken part in a number of competitive events over the years, including the Honolulu Marathon.

Launched in 1973 on the island of Oahu, the Honolulu Marathon has steadily grown in popularity and now attracts tens of thousands of runners each year. Offering one of the most beautiful marathon courses in the world, the event takes participants along Waikiki beach, around Diamond Head, and past the Koko Head volcanic craters.

Several Olympic medalists and prominent marathon runners have won the Honolulu Marathon, including Ibrahim Hussein, Jon Anderson, and Kim Merritt, who all later went on to win the Boston Marathon as well. The male and female winners of the Honolulu Marathon each receive $40,000 and an extra $15,000 if he or she breaks the course record. In total, $150,000 in prize money is handed out at the event each year.

How to Combat Shin Splints

Thomas Spetter is a Regional Key Account Manager in the Market Access Division at Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he maintains responsibility for the BMS pharmaceutical product portfolio. In his free time, Thomas Spetter enjoys exercising and ocasionally runs in 5k races.

Despite the many physical benefits of running, runners should be aware of the potential to develop shin splints. Shin splints cause the burning pain in the lower legs that makes it unbearable to run. Often shin splints occur when runners increase their running intensity or frequency too quickly or when they run in old shoes or with poor form. One way to avoid getting shin splints it to follow the 10 percent rule, which is to never increase running time or mileage by more than 10 percent each week. Also, instead of running every day, runners should cross-train with high-intensity, low-impact activities, such as biking or swimming.

Runners should also pay attention to form: proper running form entails striking mid-foot and keeping a short stride. Finally, wearing a supportive shoe is crucial. Runners can visit a running store and talk to an experienced salesperson about what shoe is best for the surfaces on which they run.